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Handmade All Natural Bottle Basket
Palm Leaf Bottle Basket

Palm Leaf Bottle Basket

$ 12.00 (Get 3 for $30)

Transport a bottle of tea or lemonade safely and stylishly to your picnic spot. Also works great for carrying pencils, paint brushes, combs, makeup brushes, or as gift wrap for anything that fits! 

Size: about 11″ tall. (Exact size will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the product.) 


Country: Oaxaca, Mexico

Made by our weaver friends in Oaxaca, this piece is dexterously hand-woven by palm leaves gathered in the hills.

Teresa Perez Marquez, 43 years old, lives in the town of San Luis Amatlá. At 33, Teresa became a widow of the man she married as a teenager, and raised three children with. While the children of her first marriage are all grown and married off, Teresa has since remarried and is getting to do motherhood all over again.

Teresa uses her weaving income to support the expenses of her household. Ever tenacious and hard-working, she has not only increased her own production over the past several months, but has also dedicated herself to the training and integration of five new basket weavers.

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