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Hand Crafted Smoky Quartz Wrap Ring - Empyrean
Hand Crafted Smoky Quartz Wrap Ring - Empyrean
Hand Crafted Smoky Quartz Wrap Ring - Empyrean
Hand Crafted Smoky Quartz Wrap Ring - Empyrean

Hand Crafted Smoky Quartz Wrap Ring - Empyrean

$93.00Guest price
$74.40Member price

A six-carat square-cut smoky quartz gemstone distinguishes this solitaire ring from Liliam Vivan in Brazil. The artisan sets the stone in a polished sterling silver basket setting atop a wrap-style band.

  • 925 sterling silver, smoky quartz
  • 3 g
  • Crown/bezel: 1.2 cm L x 1.1 cm W x 0.6 cm H
  • Band width: 2 mm W

Brought to you in partnership with NOVICA, our global artisan partner


Artisan Organization: Liliam Vivan

Country: Brazil

Latest Update

“Since I joined Novica in 2020 I managed to structure myself financially. This was essential for my life. Before Novica, I had no means of remuneration for my work and no income for the creation and production of new pieces. I had bank debts and was depending on family members to support me. I provided free work, hoping to establish partnerships with companies -- but my work was never recognized. Novica was a watershed in my life, artistically and financially.

“Because of my success at Novica and the 100% increase in the visibility of my pieces, I am able to keep my production active, while also promoting sales through my social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) to the Brazilian public, keeping my creative ability alive. I dare more in my creations now. In addition to silver, I have been working with custom gold pieces made to order. I owe Novica for the open horizons that expanded my art.

“My gratitude always goes to Novica, to the entire team, especially to Dona Armênia, Celina, the girls from Rio de Janeiro office, Mari, Daiane, Elaine, and Isabel, with whom I have direct and constant contact, who welcomed me with all affection and professionalism from the very beginning. I always get emotional when talking about this partnership, as it was a watershed in my professional and consequently personal trajectory. I have evolved so much since we connected. Gratitude to this welcoming company of serious principles, which has the noble mission of making the work of artisans and designers known and recognized, and making their lives better. I sincerely wish a long, victorious partnership, abundant with wonderful fruits for me and all my fellow artists.”

Original Artist Story

"From childhood, I had already developed abilities such as sewing, knitting and crocheting. And I loved pretty stones and decorations. I was also interested in sculpture. As time went by, I found myself captivated by jewelry, and, naturally, from there I became interested in designing and crafting it.

"I learned the first steps with a teacher, and then began creating my own crafting techniques. In 2008, I began studying jewelry design, and also experimented with all the crafting methods I already knew.

"I'm currently involved with the National Service of Industrial Learning to teach accessory design and elaboration using a variety of craft techniques.

"I had already developed several methods for creating jewelry and accessories. But to become a professional, I enrolled in a university to specialize in jewelry, where I learned a great deal about its history and evolution, culture, materials, techniques and creative processes. Today I give lectures and lead workshops.

"I use materials such as silver, gold, metal leaf, natural gemstones, crystals, crochet cotton and cords, and fabrics. Some pieces are done on my workbench where I make the prototype. I then illustrate the process and commission the production to a jewelry workshop, but work hand-in-hand with them from sourcing the materials to the final finished design.

"The rest of my designs are crafted with my own tools and stock of natural stones, crystals, metals and other materials. I always say that my designs are my own, as they represent the first step in the entire process. I make the creation and am present during the entire process. When I need to use a machine, they are borrowed. And I reuse any materials that are left.

"I love the creative processes, that artistic sensitivity that lets me reveal the beauty of each person who wears my designs. Each piece brings an enchantment of its own that previously existed only as a feeling. My challenge is to make a shopper the most beautiful, happiest and most confident person. I adore helping the wearer build her unique identity and subtly enhance her beauty.

"As far as technique, I use braiding, macramé and crocheting. I sculpt the shapes in wax to cast them in silver or gold. I also use 3-D modeling and make artistic and technical drawings.

"I look for an inner delicacy, for sensitivity and love. From there, I seek the elements of nature and shapes for the different kinds of people. I follow fashion and jewelry trends, natural stones, and pearls, for the emotions, behaviors, tendencies and looks I imagine.

"My professional life began in the area of administration. Little by little I introduced my artisan work at the same time until this became my main activity. I worked in companies, and also as a designer for private clients. Now, I'm assisting private customers and companies. I also take orders from shops. I work alone, but hire assistants for certain orders. My sister helps me with the office work.

"During this career, I have taught my craft to a number of people and believe this has made me more productive. Teaching is also like a kind of therapy for me.""

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