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Our GlobeIn Premium Wrap
Hand wrapped with love, each gift comes with its own regional pattern, giving your gifts an international flair.
Premium gift wrap – $5
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Digital Maven Membership
Digital Maven Membership

Digital Maven Membership

$5.99Guest price
$4.79Member price

Buy Unique Handicrafts, That Make a BIG Difference, for only $5.99/month

up to 70% SAVINGS with a Maven Membership!

What our Maven Membership Entails:

  • Access to monthly Add-Ons sale
  • Exclusive access to VIP sales
  • First dibs on new collections
  • Unlimited access to Maven group and content
  • Exclusive access to Maven events
  • Exclusive access to Maven GLOBAL trips
  • Access to Artisan Fund


Zero commitment. Cancel anytime!


Indulgence That Makes A Difference

You can shop for unique global handicrafts that you can’t find anywhere else, 100% ethically. When you buy with a Maven Membership, you do more than cherish the special artisan goods delivered to your door. Your purchase contributes directly to the jobs, fair wages and excellent working conditions of artisans around the world.


30-70% Savings For Incredible Perks

You start saving right away and getting more with access to our monthly Add-Ons sale, huge VIP sales, and exclusive new collection launches, which are all at your fingertips with a Maven Membership, for only $5.99/month.


Be Apart Of Our Community

Join over 9000 other ethically conscious Maven Members through internet channels, meet-ups, and events, and share your own unique experiences about the special items you receive, the heart-warming letters from the artisans, and the difference you’re making around the world.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We know that you may have a lot of questions about where your money is going, where your unique handicrafts are coming from, or any issues that may arise with your membership. That’s why we make ourselves available for you 24/7, so you can always be confident with your purchase, and its contribution around the world.

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