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Seven-Piece Nativity Scene Set - Characato Born
Characato Born
Seven-Piece Nativity Scene Set - Characato Born
Characato Born

Seven-Piece Nativity Scene Set - Characato Born

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Baby Jesus is sound asleep in this endearing nativity scene from Guillermo and Eduardo. They dress Mary and Joseph in the style of Arequipa and refers to them as characato alluding to the most traditional region of Peru. Featuring a cow, donkey and sheep, each of the seven ceramic pieces is painted by hand with admirable expertise.

  • Ceramic
  • 0.15 lbs
  • Largest piece: 2.2 inches H x 1.6 inches W x 1.8 inches D
  • Smallest piece: 1 inches H x 0.9 inches W x 1.3 inches D


Artisan Organization: Guillermo and Eduardo

Country: Peru

"We're Guillermo Pelaez and Eduardo Gonza, friends and brothers-in-law. We decided to bring together our expertise in ceramic arts to start a workshop of our own, where we could create and develop our own designs.

"I, Guillermo, am from Cuzco and have experienced some difficult times in my life which started with the deaths of my dad and sister when I was only three years old. My mother passed away when I was eight years old so I was placed in an orphanage until Justina Soto adopted me two years later. She advised me and supported me in everything I could possibly need, and she made it possible for me to study accounting and electronics.

"I, Eduardo, am from Puno where I grew up with my parents and where I studied architecture. That's how I developed a love of art and the pleasure of sculpting.

"We both learned the art of ceramics with great dedication and passion. I learned at the workshop where I had been working for several years and thanks to dedicated master ceramists who shared their knowledge with me I was able to specialize in this art. Since Guillermo and I were already friends and brothers-in-law, I shared with him what I had learned.

"We began to dream about setting up our own workshop and create our own designs with the intention of becoming established and well-known. But we also have personal dreams: Guillermo wants to travel throughout Peru, and then the world! I'm always trying to create new things, so my dream is for my designs to go cross borders and reach people across the world.

"Our work includes the collaboration of artisans who help us craft our products. Our main materials are white or red clay, and sometimes we use prepared clay as it offers a different finish and is easier to work with.

"Our pieces are crafted by hand with natural and sustainable materials.

"Our inspiration comes from different sources, such as urban events in our city and nearby ones. And we are also inspired by tradition, for example our nativity scenes feature the unique regional costumes of Peru. This is with the intention of sharing an aspect of our culture with the rest of the world.""

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