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Artisan Organization: Zosimo Laura

Country: Peru

Zosimo Laura was born in the department of Ayacucho, the capital of Peruvian handicrafts, on April 4, 1964. He comes from a respected family of weavers and, like his grandparents and brothers, he has learned the marvels of this art.

For Laura, his greatest inspiration is the pleasure his work produces in others. He intends to pass down the techniques used since ancient times by creating captivating products of superb quality.

Like many other residents of the Ayacucho countryside, Zosimo and his family were forced to abandon their homeland due to turmoil and violence. They moved to an urban center where they faced innumerable obstacles. However, Laura's dedication has allowed him to succeed in a new city. He says that soon he will teach his children the textile art, although they are still in school and too young to begin.

Zosimo utilizes alpaca, sheep wool, and cotton in the fabrication of his pieces, while both natural and synthetic dyes create the enthralling blend of colors. The treadle loom is his primary tool."