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XRoads LLC/Phillipines Sea Salts

Artisan Organization:XRoads LLC/Phillipines Sea Salts


Just a dash of salt, and suddenly your food has so much more to say! A vital mineral for the body, salt adds the exclamation point to any dish, emphasizing every nuance of flavor. Yet, as founder of xRoads Philippine Sea Salts points out, not all salt is created equal. Known as Ilocano Asin, your new sea salt was harvested from the pure sea waters off the island of Luzon by traditional salt farmers, or asinderos. Unlike highly processed generic table salts, the hollow crystals of this hand-crafted product offer a crunchy texture, while their flakiness melts bright mineral wealth crisp to the tongue into food. And to top it off, the durable and eco-friendly box housing your new asin was woven by a network of women weavers on the tiny island of Cabilao, from leaves of the local romblon plant. Therefore, your purchase has helped two Fair Trade groups in the Philippines, a two for-one-deal in impact!"