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Xi-Guia Family Workshop

Artisan Organization: Xi-Guia Family Workshop

Country: Mexico

Latest Update

"I must thank you for the great support you have given us in since 2017. Starting out was a real challenge, since we were adapted to a specific way to make our pieces. And it was thanks to you that we managed to improve many aspects of our work.

"I think the most significant challenge we've faced has been to make standardization part of our personal seal. As a family of artisans, we had learned to work quickly but now we sell out weaving all over the world, thanks to you. That implied new strategies and new habits.

"We continue working in our same workshop, which we remodeled and adapted to our new needs and those of our shoppers. This gives us the advantage of being close to our family, since our workshop is inside our home.

"Over the years, we've gained more experience and skill in the Zapotec tradition of dyeing and weaving wool. It's inevitable to spend hours with the challenge and adventure of creating new shades. Now we work on new designs.

"This is a magical adventure that is just beginning. We wish to continue showing our designs to reach everyone who loves Mexican art. A part of us as well as years of history are reflected in each thread. We consider that the greatest gift is the work of those who are passionate. It is a privilege to build your dreams through something you enjoy so much."

Original Artisan Story

"We are the Xi-Guia Family, born and raised in the state of Oaxaca. We are artisans who specialize in handwoven wool tapestries and textiles. Our region is known worldwide for its abundance of wool and for the creativity of its people, and we are no exception.

"This precious tradition is a process handed down from generation to generation, which has allowed us to remain united as a family. But, after the passing of our grandparents, our family became stronger and we decided to share the beautiful teachings of our land with the essence of our beautiful family.

"Beginning this challenge was fun. We translate every last word from our grandparents into our textiles. Each color inspires us and encourages us to create the next. We have always liked feeling, dyeing, and weaving wool and have developed our skills since childhood.

"We use natural sheep's wool and dye the colors with naturally-derived colors from the cochineal, pericon, walnut shells and leaves, indigo, pomegranate, sapodilla and other plants, flowers and tree bark. Creating new color combinations and textile designs is one of the greatest pleasures of our work. We enjoy creating new designs with greater complexity, and searching for options and solutions in order to achieve the desired handbag, accessories and décor accents. Right now, our most important objectives are sharing this traditional work beyond this continent, introducing our wide varieties of colors, and introducing textile art made with Mexican hands.""