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Weaving Hands of Atitlan

Artisan Organization: Weaving Hands of Atitlan

Country: Guatemala

“Hello, my name is Rosa Hernándes and I belong to a group of women who grew up weaving from Santa Cruz La Laguna in Sololá, near Lake Atitlán.

“Like most girls, we were taught to weave our own clothes and all of the textiles used in the home. We weave to earn our daily bread.

“One day, we met Lily Jacobs, a volunteer in a microcredit program in town. She earned our trust and we asked that she take some shawls and scarves to sell in the United States. She thought it was a good idea, but the bulky ítems took up too much space in her luggage. That’s why she sought a solution to support us. She proposed that we make beaded jewelry.

“We learned fast and bit by bit, more women became interested in this art form and started learning. This art allows us to work from home, take care of our children and receive a decent remuneration. People like our work a lot. We are very meticulous and we like to do our work well.

“We are still dedicated to weaving other things in our backstrap looms, but this craft is a new way to earn income and imprint our patterns and designs in another form that isn’t with thread. We dream about being able to bring our creations to the world so that people may enjoy them and be special pieces for someone.

“We want people to be curious about our town and our craft. We are inspired by nature, the lake, the beaches — basically all of Guatemala, because it is so beautiful!”"