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Wayan Sukerni

Artisan Organization: Wayan Sukerni

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Wayan Sukerni, and I was born in 1973 in the Gianyar region. I used to work at a restaurant and hotel near my village, however when I married my husband, Wayan Ludra, I decided to give up my work. Instead, I started to learn beadwork techniques from my mother-in-law, for most people in my husband's village earn their living from beadwork. After six months of learning, I was able to create new designs. My favorite designs are flowers, thunder, balls, mountain, stars and many more.

"I really appreciate what Novica is doing for promoting all kinds of art work. Hopefully, it will bring me luck. I do hope to get a better future for me and, of course, for my family.""