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Wayan Lasti

Artisan Organization: Wayan Lasti

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Ni Wayan Lasti. I was born in Bali in 1987 to an underprivileged family, but I received lot of love from both of them. They told me to be patient in everything and to help others. After I graduated from school, they taught me about having a working spirit and becoming self-sufficient by growing my skills and talents.

"Since almost everyone in my neighborhood works in silver, I also learned from my parents and friends so I could craft and sell my own designs.

"Then my father passed away. I felt alone and my mother had to work very hard for our family. From this point on, I learned to be a strong and self-sufficient woman.

"I believe there is always a way when we are facing hard times, problems and difficulties if we have good efforts. How can we give up if we haven't tried?

"Today, I am married and work with the help of three silversmiths. We use silver and gemstones as our main materials. Most of our designs are inspired by Bali's flora, as we Balinese always use flower when praying and for offerings. I find many ideas in our traditions, culture and arts. My husband helps me with the designing."

"We have two daughters. I just hope I can give them the best, something better than in my own childhood story.""

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