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Artisan Organization: Waldo Berrios

Country: Peru

"I was born in Huancayo with a love for my land and a great desire to learn, so my father taught me how to knit when I was very young. I grew up wanting to make improvements my father's small workshop.

"I studied industrial engineering, and that's when I met wife. Since then she’s been my rock.

"When I was working as a professor of technical design I started designing using different colors and then translating them into knitted patterns at my father's workshop.

"Times in Peru were very difficult between 1985 and 1990, and my parents started selling their machines to support their family. After my parents passed away, my wife and I got a small capital to start our own workshop. We started with six sweaters and as they began to sell production began to increase, so did our dedication.

"We also had to deal with some tough experiences such as being conned, orders that didn't get paid or faulty designs. But all of this became a learning experience and with hard work, plus the support of my wife and friends, I improved products and processes.

"My focus now is on creating fine knitwear of top quality, and in so doing sharing with the world the beauty of our culture and our Andean textiles. I work with a team of artisans who believe in my objective and I’m thrilled that we all enjoy our line of work so that we'll give it our most.""