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Vivek Nathany

Artisan Organization: Vivek Nathany

Country: India

"I was born in Jaipur in the spring of 1968. Those who know me well describe me as a man who is compassionate, sincere and driven.

"I learned the art of jewelry crafting from my father. I used to see artisans working and making amazing pieces of jewelry and this fascinated me. The intricacy and beauty of the designs, and the imagination I see in them attract me to this craft.

"With patience, hard work and perseverance, I've been able to master the silver arts and set up a workshop on my own. I love working with sterling silver as it is playful and easy to work with. Sourcing of the gemstones is challenging. What I love best about this craft is the delicacy and detailing in each piece of jewelry.

"I find inspiration in the different types of jewelry from all around the world and how the women style it.

"I work with my wife who takes care of marketing our work. Several artisans from the local community work with us and we are able to support their families, especially their children and their education.

"My dream is for my jewelry to become known around the world for its designs and quality.""