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Vitelio Orozco

Artisan Organization: Vitelio Orozco

Country: Central America

"My name is Edgar Vitelio Orozco Fuentes. I was born in San Marcos, Guatemala in 1965, and I dedicate myself to the production of ceramic handicrafts. This is my story, a story of much learning, love of art and many dreams still to be fulfilled.

"My father has been an artisan all his life, he typically worked fabrics. Because of that we migrated from San Marcos to the beautiful Antigua Guatemala, where I got even more involved in another type of art—ceramics. I owe all this to my great teacher, the renowned Antigüeño craftsman José Arriola (also a well-loved craftsman of the Novica family).

"I learned a lot from him, but he also became a great friend. I carry each teaching in my heart because I know that it was transmitted with a lot of love. Since then I have been working in this art for 18 years, an art that I love with all my heart. Thanks to this, I was able to provide my 8 children with a daily livelihood and help them with their studies. Now they are professionals, which fills me with great pride.

"I am inspired by my love of art, nature, colors, shapes, silhouettes and everything that I can capture in each of my products. It is simply exquisite. Art has given me so much; I was awarded in a craft contest in Peru and received recognition from the Municipality of Antigua Guatemala.

"This is a bit of my life: it is a story that I hope to continue writing with clay and brush in hand, creating new experiences, not only for myself, but for my family, my environment and my community. I dream of being able to provide work to many people who have talent but do not have the space to be able to express it, and in the same way guide them and be able to be like José Arriola, a teacher who can support young people with the desire to get ahead.

"For now, thank you very much to all my customers, who still believe in what is handmade, who believe in the talent and love that we artisans put into each of our products. They do not know how valuable this support is for us and our families." "