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Vijay Singh

Artisan Organization: Vijay Singh

Country: India

Latest Update

“An amazing journey of 14 years with Novica so far, and yet many more years to go.

“When I joined Novica as an artisan, I had just put my foot in the garment industry. It was not very long since I had started working by myself in a workshop. But now I have established myself as a designer in the garment industry. Now my workshop has expanded over the years into a company. There are around 80-100 workers who work with me now in different positions and with whose families I am directly or indirectly connected. Working with me has given them employment, a stable life for their families and education for their children, along with healthcare.

“Now we have expanded our business to many more countries. We have started a new line of fashion accessories and home furnishings with our traditional hand block art, but even today we are connected to the grassroots of my art.

“There are many problems that we face due to the current prevalence of machine work. People want good things but at a cheap price, so it is difficult for our handiwork to compete. And the new generation is not very interested in adopting the craft, due to which we are lacking skilled workers today. I have taught many people and will teach anyone who ever is interested in this art.

“We are now more confident with other clients and have also become more skilled regarding our designs and craftsmanship. We are ready to accept more challenges according to the demand of time to fulfill our customer’s requirements. We have all production activities in house.

“We have received many awards from national as well as international garment fairs for our designs and craftsmanship. We are certified with Star Export House.

“It is my utmost desire to expand our business all over the world through our traditional work and craftsmanship. I dream that people should recognize me by my art and design. I also wish that when Novica customers wear clothes designed by me, they should feel satisfied from within and feel delightful.”

Original Artist Story

"Since childhood, I was involved in a number of art activities and it was my highest desire to become a designer. My trademark is the golden block print patterns I create. I let them stand out in the clothes, like the sun.

"I was born in 1977 in Uttar Pradesh to a Rajput family. After earning my degree from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, I moved to Jaipur in Rajasthan for a project and worked for an export house. Initially, I started my career as a textile designer for home furnishings. But I was still very interested in fashion design. Luckily I got an opportunity to prove myself as a designer in an apparel company. The owner encouraged me to do what I did very well, and those were the designs that sold.

"Then I realized I could design on my own also, so I freelanced my designs for other firms. At the same time, I took on projects with schools as a costume designer for plays. A well-known director, Mr. Feisal Alkazi, gave me a wonderful platform for this, and it was such a good experience that it propelled me forward. My family stood behind me when I started working for myself. It really felt good. After all, it's about being independent.

"My sister has been my inspiration. She has always encouraged me and I couldn't have done it without her. Now I am working with her, creating my own designs under my signature. We design a whole range of apparel and very recently ventured into designing accessories. Our creations come from my own imagination and from knowing what people want.""