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Ulloa Family

Artisan Organization: Ulloa Family

Country: Peru

"I'm Teodolo Ulloa Bailon, born in San Pedro de Cajas on August 31, 1968. My weaving art dates back to my ancestors who spent their lives creating the tapestries we are known for.

"I take pride in this land and in my long history with this beautiful art filled with happiness. I was only seven years old when I began learning from my grandparents. Because I always helped them, I found I wanted to create and continue with a style of my own. I wanted to make every single tapestry a work of art, so I sought out the best artisans in our town to expand my experience and develop the finest finishes that our technique requires.

"In our workshop, I collaborate with my wife Hermelinda and our three daughters. My wife and I worked very hard so that they could get ahead in life and today they play an important role in our day-to-day efforts.

"As artisans, our experiences have been very good ones. We've received help to be able to participate in fairs and exhibit our tapestries in galleries. In 2005, during the II Encuentro Turístico San Pedro de Cajas y sus Tradiciones, our work took first place in the Concurso del Tejido del Tapiz Telarcito, which was a great honor. We were als recognized by the regional government of Junin as outstanding alpaca fiber artisans.

"We use a cubist style for our designs as a way to depict our way of life — our fishing, agriculture, our women, our customs....

"Art is the basis of our own lives and that of our town, expressed though every carefully woven thread and each lovely color.""