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Artisan Organization: Tintsaba

Country: Swaziland

“Tintsaba was created in 1985 by Sheila Freemantle with the purpose of improving the lives of rural women in Swaziland. With an academic background in development, she believed that creating an income generating opportunity for the women will help them become happier, healthier individuals, women that could take charge of their lives. The small business that started with 12 women has to date worked with and trained more than 890 women, and nowadays sells its products in numerous countries, where they are recognized for the outstanding quality and refinement, as well as for the beautiful story attached to them. Tintsaba is committed to excellence in every aspect. In the creation of the highest quality hand woven sisal products, in the service, in the teamwork, in the commitment to the earth and the holistic well being of rural women in Swaziland.”