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Thumbprint Artifacts

Artisan Organization: Thumbprint Artifacts

Country: South Africa

Meet Roseline Daniels, also known as “Ronnie” to her friends, family, and colleagues. Ronnie is the supervisor to the Kapula Candles artisan team behind your new, vibrant Handmade Taper Candle. She originally began as an artisan painter 15 years ago, and has worked her way up to taking more managerial responsibilities while fine-tuning her painting skills. A fun fact that Ronnie likes to recall dates back to the early 1990’s. She was a student at the local farm community school where Kapula Candles is located, and her high school art teacher then was Ilse Appelgryn - the founder of Kapula Candles! What a small world!

Ronnie and the artisan team of Kapula Candles are extremely proud of their work. She is excited to see Kapula’s candles are finding their way into homes all over the world where she hopes “many people will be able to enjoy ‘the warm art of Africa’!” Many special-order designs are painted freehand by artisans where patterns are never used. Amazing!