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The Village Experience Tea Cup

Artisan Organization: The Village Experience

Country: India

Hailing from India, a country abundant with the custom of tea, your new cup and saucer comes with a mission: to inspire your own personal culture of easeful tea-time moments.

This special vessel was molded, cast, glazed, polished, and painted in Khurja, India’s “Ceramics City,” where over 50 local artisans were provided with work through The Village Experience to complete GlobeIn’s order.

Meet one of the many artisans on this team, Rajesh. Having had to join the workforce early to help his family make ends meet, Rajesh never finished the 10th grade. Moving from one low-paying job to the next for many years, Rajesh finally found his current ceramics cooperative where, for the past ten years, he has flourished, making good money and working among friends.