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The Village Experience Chayya

Artisan Organization: The Village Experience

Country: India

The creation of this cutting board was a family affair. Meet Chayya, a young grandmother who has mastered the skills of wood carving. She learned the trade through her husband’s family, who come from a long line of carvers.

United through an arranged marriage, Chayya and her husband, Sukhdeb, are proud to pass their skills down to their son, Rabin, and his wife Nila. The family works alongside each other and the community to create hand-carved items that they are incredulous will travel to distant lands they themselves may never visit.

Chayya is proud to contribute to her family’s income, show off her skills, and help teach others. Currently, she and her family are employing 24 artisans within their cooperative—thanks to GlobeIn’s order, their staff has doubled!