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The Argan Project Cosmetic Argan Oil

Artisan Organization: The Argan Project

Country: Morocco 

Where there be a need for moisture, argan oil is your knight in shining armor, emphasis on shining. Packed with Vitamin E and composed almost entirely of essential fatty acids hydrating to the face, skin, hair, and nails, there is hardly a place on the body that does not benefit from its properties.

So too, The Argan Project has a way of addressing multiple concerns. Acknowledging how difficult work outside of the home is for women who also have household responsibilities, this organization delivers the argan fruits directly to the homes of its employees, where they are able to crack the nuts at their own pace and work around other obligations.

Apply as a daily facial moisturizer or an intensive treatment to dry, irritated, calloused skin, scars, and chapped lips. Likewise, use it to style hair, or as a deep conditioner!