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Tejedores de Comalapa

Artisan Organization: Tejedores de Comalapa

Country: Central America

A beautiful municipality, full of color, traditions, culture and beautiful crafts, San Juan Comalapa is located in the department of Chimaltenango a few minutes from Guatemala City. In this small corner of the country, this group of artisan weavers was born. This story begins in the '90s, with Don Jacinto and Don Arturo, who, faced with the need to generate resources for the sustenance of their families, began to weave, just as their grandparents had taught them.

At that time the foot loom was still only worked by men. Over time more people joined this group, and Don Arturo and Don Jacinto began to teach their daughters and more women from the community. The group is currently made up of 15 people, including men and women who work hard every day, weaving and creating.

"With each centimeter of fabric, with each intertwined thread, we are creating a new story, a story that we tell with each figure, stroke and line that we form. For us it is a great joy to know that you buy our products, because we make them with a lot of love and dedication.

"Today we are only 15 artisans, but we dream of being able to teach many more people, so that we can be a united group and all support each other to get ahead. We are very lucky to have this gift, and as a way of thanking God we will be teachers for many more people." "