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Tat Yan Soo

Artisan Organization: Tat Yan Soo

Country: Bali & Java

Tat Yan Soo was born on November 1955. As a lover of nature and avid gardener, he wanted to create designs that revolved around flora and fauna. He also loves to cook, so he strives to craft products that are decorative, functional and durable. The tabletop wares he creates can be proudly used to visually enhance the presentation of food and create a certain ambience.

Tat Yan Soo's experience in the ceramic field spans 28 years - he studied ceramic art in Singapore and Japan. He uses only natural materials and the wares are high fired to ensure that every piece is food-safe. His products are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Tat Yan Soo's workshop is situated in an area where fields are no longer fertile, so instead he is able to offer residents another option. Artisans live within walking distance hence they are able to work as well as take care of their family at the same time. The consequence is a laid-back, slower pace of living and working, but then quality is assured as every single item is carefully and tediously crafted. "