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Tamara Rojas

Artisan Organization: Tamara Rojas

Country: Central America

"I'm proud to be a Costa Rican woman. I've always loved to draw. I grew up in a family of artists. We five children all began school in the Conservatorio de Castella, a wonderful art school.

"From first grade on, I learned a little of everything there — music, theater, dance, painting… I loved it all because I could express myself in many ways. And what could be better than art?

"Eventually, we had to choose an area of specialization, I immediately chose painting. At first, I wasn't very good but I felt such passion for this art that I spent almost all my time on it. Little by little, I perfected my technique.

"In the university, I majored in painting and graphic design, then went on to specialize in web page design. But I realized this wasn't for me. I continued with the specialization while I began searching and researching, looking for something to work at that would satisfy this passion for art.

"Then I discovered a love for plants, so I decided to create a fusion with illustration and painting. This is how I began crafting what you see here in my hand-painted planters.

"It took me about a year of trial and error, as I didn't have a point of reference and spent time and money to experiment with a number of materials. Finally I found the ideal media to craft my planters.

"My techniques are eco-friendly and I'm delighted to share my designs with you. I want them to reach many parts of the world with their message of protecting and preserving the environment. I donate five percent of each purchase to the Fundacion Rapaces de Costa Rica, which seeks to protect raptor birds.

"In all of my work, I offer a bit of Costa Rica's biodiversity because I want people to be aware of the diverse flora and fauna of my country.""

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