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Supriya Arora

Artisan Organization: Supriya Arora

Country: India

"I was born in 1984 in New Delhi, India. Those who know me well describe me as someone who is creative, innovative and imaginative.

"Since childhood I've felt an attraction to fashion jewelry and today my art of designing makes me feel confident, innovative and creative. I learned practically everything on my own and, with experience, I have been able to evolve myself by designing new kinds of jewelry while exploring and practicing techniques over the years.

"It's really a great feeling to get started on my own. Crafting jewelry has let me become self-supporting and has empowered me to live my life on my terms without being financially dependent on anyone else.

"I usually work with wood, beads and gemstones along with white metal, or aluminum. All of these are easy to obtain on the open market. None of them are recycled, reclaimed or reused.

"My favorite part of designing is infusing my style of creativity to create remarkable jewelry by making the most of available materials at hand.

"I try to explore different blogs and articles over the Internet to follow the current trends and designs loved by the customers around the globe.

"Today, I'm fortunate to be able to collaborate with skilled artisans who bring my designs to reality. They are trustworthy and hardworking people and it's great to be able to help them earn their livelihood and support their family. It's especially rewarding to contribute to the education of their children.

"One day, I hope to become a renowned jewelry designer. I'm working hard to make that happen with the help of my creative mind, hard work and passion towards my art.""