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Strong Cerame (previously Khaloufi Abdeslam)

Artisan Organization:Strong Cerame (previously Khaloufi Abdeslam)


Noureddin Khaloufi is one of the artisans behind the Handpainted Ladybug Baker found in the Cookout Box! Despite the unique challenges in making a large product, Noureddin thinks that the Ladybug Baker is one of the most special products he worked on. After completing highschool, Noureddin learned ceramics from his brother – one of our favorite artisan partners, the famous Abdeslam Khaloufi! In the workshop, he focuses on many things like quality control, finishing items, and glazing products. Noureddin is very liked in the workshop and he is well respected by the artisans. In his spare time, Noureddin likes to hang out with his friends and also likes traveling. When asked about his favorite dish, he said that he likes all tagines and also grilled ribs."