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Strong Cerame - Khaloufi Abdeslam

Artisan Organization: Strong Cerame - Khaloufi Abdeslam

Country: Morocco

The creator behind your new Malika mug is one of our very favorite and talented artisans, Abdeslam. Abdeslam was born in the Meknès region of Morocco, but currently resides in Marrakech where he and his artisan group produce ceramics. He is well respected in the artisan community for his eye-catching ceramics with amazing quality. Abdeslam was self-taught and his passion for pottery is apparent in his work.

On top of his work as an artisan, Abdeslam is a proud father and brother. He taught his two brothers the craft after his father passed on, and was able to sustain their family business. Abdeslam is very hands-on and passionate about his work. So much so, that he has taught every single person working in his workshop himself! His workers are more like a family and they look up to him as a father and inspiration. This group of artisans led by Abdeslam developed this Malika mug specifically with GlobeIn, in order to bring their amazing work to the world stage. We hope you enjoy his careful craft!