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Strong Cerame - Ahmed

Artisan Organization: Strong Cerame - Ahmed

Country: Morocco

With carefully painted streaks on the clay and a versatile bowl for any occasion, Ahmed is one of the artisans who worked in the beautifully painted serving bowl and says that he hopes others would love his creation as much as he does. He is a talented artisan who became passionate about his work after recognizing his creative talents. Even though he wasn’t able to graduate high school, he didn’t allow that to stop him from working on one of his talents which is painting, which turned into eventually focusing on working on painting some of the artisan goods in your subscription boxes. Ahmed didn’t do it alone though. At the age of forty two, he has learned a lot from Abdeslam and other master artisans.

Apart from his creative artisanal work, Ahmed is a religious man who loves his family and he spends most of his time with them. Ahmed is a proud father of a five-year-old boy. He likes to work out as well. His favorite Moroccan dish is Couscous with chicken and veggies.