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Sasha Exports - Tapan Bag

Artisan Organization: Sasha Exports - Tapan Bag

Country: India

First of all, thank you Tapan Bag and Ashok Paramanik for bringing this fun, itty-bitty Wooden Hair Comb into our lives. It’s small size makes it convenient to throw into any handbag for touching up on the go. The owner of Sasha’s Exports relies heavily on Tapan and Ashok because of their very dependable and hardworking.

Tapan works very closely with the other artisans and enjoys encouraging his team to strive to the finish line for each of their orders. He constantly takes initiative in all production work and occasionally takes responsibility for other tasks. Ashok used to be involved in craft work when he began working for Sasha’s Exports, but has taken charge of promoting the artisan group by participating in craft fairs, trade shows, and exhibitions. Ashok also upholds fair trade compliances with the other artisans and groups. Thank you Tapan and Ashok for the amazing work that you do!