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Saqib Khan

Artisan Organization: Saqib Khan

Country: India

"Hi friends, I am Saqib Khan. I was born in 1993 in Srinagar, a city best known for its natural environment, gardens, waterfront and houseboats. I am a simple, energetic, dedicated and hardworking person by nature.

"I come from a family of artisans. Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated looking at people around me creating handcrafted things. When I looked at the pieces of art created after much hard work, I always wanted to become a part of it. As I was born in an artistic environment, I learned the intricacies of art while growing. Mastering any art needs continuous practice, and spending time with masters of the particular art is the most important thing.

"As I grew up, I was so fascinated by the beauty and elegance of Kashmiri shawls that I decided to design them myself. I started a small workshop with a team of 5 who belong to the same locality that I come from. It has not been easy; there have been many difficulties, but with continuous effort it is getting better. And I am proud of to have overcome my difficulties.

"We use mostly natural materials which are not difficult to work with. We get them from local people. I love colors, and I use them in my art. Although fast-changing trends are quite challenging to keep up with, we try to meet our customer’s requirements while keeping the tradition in mind. Understanding the design for its very purpose and not just copying it, and being able to make changes if necessary, is very important. I not only teach, but also assist my workers whenever needed.

"As my team is mostly from my locality, in addition to the benefits like financial stability, fixed monthly income, and medical and health benefits, they also have the freedom to be close to their families while working. My dream is to become an entrepreneur. I am planning for it with confidence, and hopefully I will be able to become one in the future. I hope I will be able to exhibit my talent worldwide, and fulfill the requirements of all my customers." "