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Sapna Mehta

Artisan Organization: Sapna Mehta

Country: India

"I was born in Jaipur, the pink city of India, in 1977. I am a hardworking, dedicated, down-to-earth and honest person. As an optimist, I always dream and plan for the happiness of my family and, for that, I wanted to become a successful entrepreneur.

"I did my post graduation degree in economics. I was a bright student of science and math but, due to circumstances, I was not able to make it my career.

"In 2004, I took courses in jewelry designing in Jaipur where the Governor of Rajasthan at the time presented me with the award as best student. I also received an award at the national level.

"When I was preparing for my college entrance exam, I found out that my mother was seriously ill and both her kidneys were failing, It was very difficult for me to choose between my career and family. Eventually, I chose my family although we were not able to save her life. After that, my father was a great support, not just to overcome our grief but also to complete my degree in economics and jewelry design.

"In the beginning, it isn't easy for anyone to start on their own. I, too, had difficulties but, with the support of my husband and parents, I managed to overcome all hurdles. I take inspiration from the little things I see around me, be it a child's toy or even a bed sheet design.

"I have worked hard to learn jewelry designing and I also worked with a number of jewelry houses for the opportunity of learning different jewelry concepts.

"My husband I and work together and have divided our work so that tasks are properly organized and come out in a fruitful manner. We use gold and silver along with precious stones. I have a small workshop where a group of artisans work with me on my designs, and they're able to earn a decent livelihood for themselves and their families.

"I would love to teach others the beauty of this craft, whoever is interested, but I especially hope my children will want to learn. I want to share the splendor of my jewelry with the entire world. I want to keep innovating with designs that people love. My ultimate dream is to one day have my own showroom.""