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Rut Gonzalez

Artisan Organization: Rut Gonzalez

Country: Central America

"My name is Rut Gonzalez. I was born in Santa Lucía Utatlán, a municipality located in Solola. I was born in a Christian home. I grew up with my parents; my father made pants, and my mother helped him with household expenses by selling atol in the community. I began to work from a very young age due to the economic situation we were experiencing. At 13 I was already sewing. My father dedicated most of his life to the making clothing, and it was with him I learned, along with my uncle.

"My dad got sick, and since I worked I could already help with things at home. I gave my first salary to my parents; it was little, but it was something. Because of work, I had to put my education aside; I could only get to 3rd grade. It really saddened me a lot, because I had many hopes of continuing, but I knew that I had to help at home.

"I have 30 years in the area of handicrafts and it is a wonderful world that has left me many teachings and experiences. Thank God, 12 years ago I managed to start my own business. It has been a difficult challenge, but little by little I have come forward. God has been with me in every step I have taken, and he has always raised me from my worst moments. He has never abandoned me, and thanks to him I have a beautiful family that fills me with strength to continue. I have his unconditional support, and I seek to give them the best I can. I know that my children will be able to continue with their studies thanks to the purchases of those of you who trust in my art. It will support a family full of dreams and hopes to have a better future, and to be a change for their country.

"I am very grateful for this opportunity to be part of this great family, who trust in our art and are now a fundamental part of everything that we are and will be." "