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Artisan Organization: Rupadana

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Nyoman Rupadana, but everyone calls by my last name. I was born in Gianyar in 1969. People know me as a shy, humble and honest man. I love playing badminton, volleyball, soccer as well as gardening and farming.

"Many people in my hometown work with silver. My parents were both farmers and I was the seventh of nine children. To help my parents with expenses, I began to work in my friend's dad's jewelry workshop when I was in fourth grade. They paid me a dime or two so I could buy lunch at school, and also gave me some clothes.

"After graduating from high school, I returned home, determined to work on my own. With 25 grams of silver, I began crafting jewelry to sell.

"In 2002, my sales lowered dramatically due to a terrorist attack in Bali, and many others suffered at the time.

"In 1994, I married a beautiful woman who used to be my neighbor and we have two sons and a daughter. My wife helps me create silver jewelry. I am so honored to have a beautiful family and see my children grow.

"I feel most at peace when my jewelry sells in the market and people appreciate my work. My designs are based on current fashion trends and include Balinese motifs and engravings.

"My parents once told me that if you are good at something, you have to express it through hard work and not waste a gift from God.""

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