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Rosario Ramirez

Artisan Organization: Rosario Ramirez

Country: Central America

"I was born in 1961 in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. My parents began teaching me the secrets of fused glass when I was just a girl.

"Today, I'm married and have two wonderful children who are my motivation in life. Financial need led me to work as I wanted to lend my husband a hand with the expenses. I remembered the glass designs my parents crafted and I started learning more about it with a Venezuelan friend.

"My first designs were large and combined many different colors. Later, I began creating smaller pieces like pendants. I hadn't realized that something even prettier would come from this, like women's jewelry with a unique and special touch!

"That was in 2004. My jewelry helped us a lot with our little boy, who was a sickly child. Doctor's visits were very expensive but, thank God, we were able to meet this challenge.

"To me, nature is incredible and shows us a different and beautiful landscape every day. Many of my designs take their inspiration from all the lovely leaves that fall from the trees and become a part of the landscape with their extraordinary combinations of colors.

"Today, my work is innovative and also includes details in sterling silver, which adds a unique touch to the noble material of glass. I try to convey the sensations of Costa Rica's flowers.

"Nature is beautiful but we must learn to care for and preserve all these marvels that God gives us. My designs also seek to convey this consciousness for our planet. I hope you like them.

"Every day, I place my work in God's hands. He gives me strength and focus for everything I do.""