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Rosalina Arias

Artisan Organization: Rosalina Arias

Country: Mexico

"I weave textiles by hand in the style of our Maya ancestors.

"I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself.

"I was born in Chiapas in 1983. I've had some difficult moments in my life but I overcame them with the support of my family. There were amusing moments, as well, mainly with my children who make me smile every day. They are the reason for everything I do, and it is for them that I work to get ahead in life.

"From the time I was born, my mother created the handwoven clothing of our village. She taught me to weave and I'm teaching my own daughters today. I had to pay very close attention to my mother's work, and I want my children to benefit from all my own experience.

"I really enjoy making all kinds of things – blouses, scarves, rebozo shawls, cushion covers, table linens and whatever I'm asked to create. The traditional dress of my village is a constant source of inspiration for me. Of course, my children inspire me as well.

"I decided to work on my own. To do so, I began saving the little bit I received from my job. My work now benefits the community because I give classes to my family and friends so that they can learn my weaving techniques and see the importance of artisan work. I'm also able to share the traditional textile arts of my village.

"I dream of creating a serious textile project someday, where I can offer support to other weaver women like me.""

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