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Rosales Family

Artisan Organization: Rosales Family

Country: Mexico

"It was in 2012 when the economic crisis hit us. We were looking for options to resolve our problems and do something positive. And it was precisely our love for quarry stone that gave us the opportunity to grow in a new and different kind of craft.

"We'd always felt a special attraction for this beautiful art form that, over the years, has never gone out of style. And it has let us develop a minimalist style. Stone is a noble material that brings us feelings of peace and tranquility.

"We began to create our first stone art and design our own tools to do so. At first, it was difficult. We didn't have the knowledge necessary for this kind of work. But I believe practice and a passion to do what you have in mind become the key to everything.

"What we love most about our work is how good our designs look and how they bring a touch of elegance to different spaces.

"I think the greatest challenge is to be constantly innovating and make this a part of your essence as a creator. Above all, we must know the needs of the new trends to develop designs with our own personal touch.

"We recycle quarry stone that we obtain from the large stone workshops. The creative process for each piece we make takes between two and three weeks, which makes them all special. We crush the stone and mix it with water to achieve a greater uniformity.

"This work is so exciting that we collaborate as a family. In the workshop, we all have a well defined role to play and this has brought us closer together. Each of us complements the others and this is reflected in our designs.

"It is our heartfelt with that each piece brings you a bit of ourselves and, especially, our light. And with your help, our family endeavor will be able to grow.""