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Rita Sandoval

Artisan Organization: Rita Sandoval

Country: Mexico

"I'm a ceramist, born in the state of Mexico. I've always loved our ancestral cultures and I put all my effort into creating these images and the tradition that characterizes us.

"I learned on my own, taking classes and courses, which I complemented with my own research on Mexico's autochthonous cultures. My mastery of this art has been through experimenting, feeling the clay in my hands and, above all, imagining what I want to portray.

"The clay I use is brought in blocks from the northern region of Oaxaca state. Its yellow color is one of its unique characteristics. It is ideal for molding and shaping, and it is especially hard and resistant to impacts as well as high temperatures.

"I feel a passion for depicting a piece of our history in clay. It's as though I travel back in time, as though I were present there in the past. I always envision each image before embarking on the adventure of creating it. When it's finished, it must have quality and beauty.

"If I had to define what I try to achieve in each of my sculptures, I have to say it is authenticity. This is how I want to consolidate my technique. Thank you for letting me share a part of me with you.""