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Artisan Organization: Rinawati

Country: Bali & Java

"I was born in Jogjakarta in 1980. My father is a farmer and my mother makes handwoven cloth that is used for Java's traditional clothing. We also have a small grocery shop. I'm the oldest of two children. My parents taught me to be self-sufficient woman and they continue helping me to increase my skills.

"My husband and I transform Java's many natural fibers into handicrafts. We use only manual tools. We also work on the handloom that belonged to my grandparents.

"I've been doing this since I graduated from high school. I like creating new things from my own ideas.

"Now that I have a son and a daughter of my own, I understand that having children means more responsibility for their future.

"We've been blessed with lots of work and, although I can craft all our designs myself, we now have 20 people assisting us in the workshop. We use straw, coconut sticks, mendong grass, agel grass and water hyacinth fibers.

"People say I'm kind, patient and hardworking. I believe that no one can achieve success without hard work. Life isn't always smooth. But I have faith and believe that God will help us if we act wisely and in the right way. I feel such peace and tranquility when I pray and also when I have been able to help others.""