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Rahul Jain

Artisan Organization: Rahul Jain

Country: India

"I have inherited this profession of handicrafts from my family. We have been practicing this tradition for many years now. Initially, I had absolutely no inclination toward it or anything to do with handicrafts. It was a complete turnaround when I entered this field.

"As any other child, I lived a very carefree life. I pursued my studies in science but, when I turn 17 or 18 years old, I developed this sudden urge and interest towards Indian handicrafts. I was mesmerized by the beauty of Indian crafts and this is when I realized what I was missing. I started working with certain artisans like my family does. I deal with almost all varieties of Indian handicrafts, such as brass and bronze artifacts, embossed items, furniture, and vases to name few.

"I personally do not involve myself in making the products but I design all of them. I have been involved in this work now since 1998 and, so far, everything has gone smoothly. I must mention that my major breakthrough came when I received a huge consignment from a reputed export house. That was in 1988. Of course, at times, small problems do arise but that is trivial and natural and never affects my work or state of mind.

"Today, I work with some 50 artisans. They have been always there for me. They understand my thoughts. Not all of them are financially well-off and my desire is to help them in every way possible. I hope that in the near future I shall be able to fulfill mine as well as their dreams.

"I am glad to be introduced to you. I hope my relationship with you will brighten the lives of all those who work with me.""