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Putu Putri

Artisan Organization: Putu Putri

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Putu Putri, the first child in my family. As most families in my village do, mine has worked with silver for several generations. My parents and grandparents are quite well known in the village, because their designs are highly regarded and the quality of their work is admired. They deserve the good reputation they have acquired because of their hard work.

"Inspired by my family's spirit and their great support, I decided to venture on my own and design sterling silver jewelry in both traditional and modern styles. Some of my designs are cast in sterling silver only, while others combine silver with different gemstones.

"This year (2006), is my first year studying at Udayana University, majoring in Economic Management. I choose to study this because I want to learn more about marketing, to support the venture I have started. I hope I will be able to finish my studies, so I can make my parents happy as well as setting a good example for my younger brother and sister.""