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Artisan Organization: Purisha

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Putu Yuniasri. I was born in Denpasar City, a bustling and densely populated city because it is the city center and government center in Bali. I was raised by my late father, who was a civil servant, and my mother, who was a bank employee. Since childhood, I was excelled in various activities until I was able to continue my schooling to master's level. I have worked in various fields of work before. For instance, I worked in the field of education, and also worked in sales marketing at an automotive company. And now I am really enjoying pursuing the field of crafts.

"I got married in 2015. Together with my husband, I started this craft business. As a mother of 1 daughter and 1 son, I enjoy every hardship that I go through, both as a housewife as well as a craftsman.

"I work with 2 men and 3 women in helping me make crafts. My work is usually inspired by Hindu religious equipment in Bali. Each new product is a challenge for me because it has different difficulties. The products I make are culture-based. The crafts are used to carry offerings and for other purposes in traditional rituals and traditions in Bali. The special feature of my craft is that it is simple, with a minimalist motive, so it looks clean and elegant. The products I produce are very environmentally friendly, because they are made from fresh ingredients and without added chemicals.

"I am a sociable and friendly person, although sometimes a little chatty. I got information about NOVICA from my husband. I hope that, in the future, you can help preserve handicrafts and help the existence of local Balinese handicrafts on the international stage." "