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Prayascita Dewi

Artisan Organization: Prayascita Dewi

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Komang Prayascita Dewi and I was born in Denpasar in 1991. My parents sell apparel. Ever since I was born, they have created apparel in many different fabrics and designs, and this interested me in fashion. I also studied fashion in school.

"After a tragic bombing in Bali, my family's business took a downturn because of the lack of tourists. Bali became so lonely and most of the businesses suffered losses. I started selling my own designs to my classmates. I just kept following the newest trends and combined them with my own ideas. I was able to help my parents and also pay my school fees.

"My parents always motivated me to be successful. They taught me entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency and business savvy. Being in Bali was also helpful, since so many people returned to visit and our economy began to recover. Our rich culture and traditions also inspired trends.

"I recently got married and we will soon have a child, which motivates me to strive for a better future. I thank God for my handsome husband who is always supporting me and my hobby.

"I work with my parents and five gifted tailors. We like creating unique and traditional apparel by combining our traditional motifs with trendy designs.""