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Pertiwi Collection

Artisan Organization: Pertiwi Collection

Country: Bali & Java

Latest Update

"I used the name of ‘Pertiwi Collection’ because Ibu Pertiwi is a national personification of Indonesia, the Mother Nature of Indonesia," explains Wayan Sriani, the Balinese mother who created the Pertiwi Collection. "My designs were inspired by American world travelers Warren and Robin when they sailed to Bali. Warren and Robin had studied silversmithing since 1970 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; and they cruised around the world on a small sailboat, living and working with non-industrialized artisans. Using traditional materials that were beautiful but environmentally responsible, they sold jewelry that they made themselves on their boat. They shared their experiences with indigenous peoples that they encountered as they sailed around the world. They also instilled their ethical design concepts that utilize the beauty of nature."

Original Artisan Story

"Contemporary style meets primitive design in this environmentally conscious collection of statement jewelry. Natural materials are found on land or washed up from the sea--bamboo, sea glass, coconut shell, bone and horn. Combined sparingly with sterling silver, bamboo becomes a one-of-a-kind ring, tumbled sea glass becomes a simple and elegant pendant, shells become stamps that create patterns in clay.

"Ibu Pertiwi is the Mother Nature of Indonesia, personifying land and sea, who kindly supplies our materials and inspiration.

"This unique collection of jewelry is inspired by travel, long lost cultures, and the desire to preserve Mother Nature's gifts.

"When you wear our jewelry, you are proclaiming an awareness of the planet's diversity and beauty," the artisans say. "We probably hold the record for low environmental impact jewelry. Our jewelry designs are dictated by the natural shapes of the organic materials we use. Each piece comes to life as the materials are worked, shaped and polished by local craftspeople.

"For shoppers who wear our jewelry, you can be sure you have supported many families in a responsible, low impact way. Also, you are proclaiming your awareness of the many important cultures of our world." "