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Palm Leaf Pouch

Country: Mexico

Just what can’t our Oaxacan weaving friends make out of palm leaves? A variation on our usual basket, your new pouch is the perfect addition to your purse or tote, keeping jewelry, makeup, or money safe—and stylishly so. Think of it as a basket you can travel with!

The more we collaborate with our weaving friends, the more of their stories we get to know and share. Meet Doña Leonor. When she was just a young girl, Doña Leonor’s father passed away. It was at this early age that she was taught the traditional Oaxacan craft, as a way of helping her mother support the family.

These days, Doña Leonor continues to use her skill to support her own family. The money she earns through working with GlobeIn brings her ever closer to her dream that her high school aged sons will attend college and weave their own bright futures into being.