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Osmos Studio

Artisan Organization: Osmos Studio

Country: India

Founded during the midst of the pandemic, Osmos has thrived under pressure. Its simple ceramic pieces set a lovely mood, symbolizing not just beauty but also the ability to flourish. This creative company looks to Japanese and Scandinavian design to find an intriguing balance in its ready-to-ship and made-to-order ceramics. A balance between two cultures, between nature and home, between black and white, between delicacy and boldness. The Japanese-inspired Kanji kitchenware sends waves of calm in Osmos’s off-white glossy ripple bowls, while its milk pourer brightens one’s morning tea or coffee ritual (which you might need if you want to thrive under pressure). Nordic powder-coated vases draw attention in any room, perhaps filled with pampas grass, dried flowers, or fresh blossoms. Whatever pieces you choose from Osmos, it’s your time to bloom."