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Om Prakash

Artisan Organization: Om Prakash

Country: India

"I was born and brought up in Gujarat, which is very flamboyant in terms of its culture and crafts. Every little craft is marked by vibrant colors. The embroidery work or the bright patchwork bedding and wall hangings, sparkling handbags – all celebrate the colors and life of Gujarat. Even the cuisine of Gujarat is very popular worldwide and I would say it's colorful, too!

"I grew up amid my father's colorful handicrafts. He was crafting handbags and textile designs, and I would sit with him for hours enjoying the majestic color combinations and his expertise. Every day after school, I would sit with him and try and learn from him. He was very keen on my schooling first, before getting into the craft. The villages of Gujarat are so picturesque. It seemed like every family was involved in some craft or the other. Crafts are also a principal source of income. Especially, women at home were involved in embroidery and stitching. I remember when I was still young, I'd pester my father to take me to the exhibitions he attended. He took me a couple of times and I really enjoyed the colorful melas (fairs)!

"Slowly, when I was old enough, I got into the same craft as my father and started this wonderful journey into the world of handbags and accessories. I am a hard-working person, and I think I got this from my father. Later, when he learned that I could handle the family craft on my own, he'd send me to participate in exhibitions on my own. It was good feeling.

"My designs speak of the beautiful colors and culture of Gujarat. I love using rich colors in my products. Sparkling lace trims are also abundantly used. In the future, I would love to expand my workshop and my aim is to provide work for at least 100 craftspeople in my village. And I am sure that through Novica, I can very well achieve my goal or at least come close to my dream.""