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Nyoman Nadri

Artisan Organization: Nyoman Nadri

Country: Indonesia

A mother of three children, Nyoman Nadri was born on May 2, 1965. She is an artisan of bed covers, pillowcases, sarongs, shawls, and many other textile arts. She started her career in embroidery in 1987, taking orders to make pillowcases and bags from 1989 until 1992. In 1995, she turned to batik when she learned it from a friend. She has worked hard for years to become as skilled as she is now – to have an art workshop and people working with her had never come to mind before. A tremendously creative woman, she creates imaginative patchwork while ensuring her children's loving upbringing.

In doing her work, Nadri is inspired by people's needs. Shoppers come to her and request the kind of motifs they desire, and the bed cover or sarong sizes they need. She hopes that with your support, her works will expand. Then she can help more people by asking them to work with her, because she realizes it is currently difficult to find a job."