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Nyoman Lasia

Artisan Organization: Nyoman Lasia

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is I Nyoman Lasia. I was born and raised in Mas Village, Ubud, Bali. My village is the center of wood crafts in Bali; there are many famous wood craftsmen from my village. My current job is a skill passed down by my parents. When I started learning to make masks, I learned from my father and my uncles. My parents used to work as farmers and craftsmen. My parents were diligent workers; they always worked hard to meet the needs of their children. I am the sixth of six children. My childhood was very fun, even though it was full of limitations. I am always grateful for everything. My childhood was spent playing in the fields. I could only go to school until junior high school. At that time I chose to quit school because I wanted to work faster so I could help my parents. I've always focused on working on making wooden masks. I really like art. Besides working as a wooden mask craftsman, I also work as a traditional Balinese drummer.

"In my spare time I usually go fishing. Besides that, I also like to play soccer to keep my body healthy. I am married and have 3 children; 2 daughters and 1 son. After having children, of course we are very happy, but we have a responsibility to raise them. I feel calm and peaceful when my family can gather in a healthy and happy state. I am always grateful, try to do my best, and never complain. Because I believe God's blessing will always be with me and my family.

"Of all the works that I have produced, the mask work is the most interesting; that's why I consistently practice it even now. As a craftsman I am inspired by the imagination and arts of Balinese culture. I work alone to produce my works. I also specialize in making storage boxes with masks on the front. I really like this work of mine, because apart from being able to be used as a decoration, it also functions as a place to store things. Masks are one of the traditional Balinese arts. Masks are usually used during dance performances held during religious ceremonies. I heard about Novica from people around my village. I hope that in the future Novica can help me market my craft products." "