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Noah's Ark - Rukhsar Hussain

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Rukhsar Hussain

Country: India

Say hello to Rukhsar, age 28! Rukshar works in one of our partner welding workshops in India. Rukshar is married to another of our beloved steel-making artisans, Dilshad Hussain, who you may remember as the workshop owner. After she married Dilshad, Rukhsar pitched in and started to manage the workshop by checking the goods in production and watching over quality control. Rukshar is an educated woman and also helps with the bookkeeping for the workshop. Also, when her husband is out of town, she takes over the entire operation of the workshop where there are 6-8 artisans working! You go Rukhsar!

Rukhsar has two children: one son and one daughter. With the continuous orders received from GlobeIn, Rukshar and Dilshad are able to give honest employment to the under-educated people of their village, build their workshop to Fair Trade standards, and contribute to the welfare of the people working for them. With the money they earn, she feels that “she is enjoying life better, giving good education to her children and doing something [good] for the community.” Their future goal is to open a small school their remote village so to help educate future generations and continue to give back to their community.