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Noah's Ark - Noorjahan

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Noorjahan

Country: India

Say hello to Noorjahan! Noorjahan is one of our wonderful woodworking artisan partners based in India. She is 54 years old and her children are now grown and settled into their independent lives, so the living she earns contributes to her own well-being.

Noorjahan is considered a dedicated worker by her peers in the workshop, and has worked in the studio for the last 15 years! Her main tasks in the workshop are polishing and finishing the wooden items. Women of conservative families do not usually work in woodworking workshops; however, when her husband passed away, she decided to take the reins and make a living for herself. Wow!

When she joined the workshop she had no woodworking skills and learned everything from scratch. 15 years later, Noorjahan lives in a small house that she owns herself! Owning property independently is extremely uncommon for a rural woman in India. With the money she earned with this GlobeIn order, she repaired the old leaking roof and water connection to her house.