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Noah's Ark - Mohd Rafeek

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Mohd Rafeek

Country: India

Enjoying your new, handy Handpainted Citrus Juicer? Let’s all give our thanks to Mohd Rafeek! Mohd Rafeek likes to consider himself a middle-class man who enjoys living a simple life with his wife and two sons. He originally learned his craftsman skill from his father at a young age where he was inspired by his father to pursue the dream of being a craftsman for the rest of his career. After 24 years into his dream career, Rafeek has since started his own workshop in his house where he designs and creates complex items. Rafeek has only partnered with Noah’s Ark for the last 4 years but notes that “working with Noah’s ark has given me an opportunity to understand the market, value of work and sharing the earnings with my fellow artisans who help me in making the product.”

Noah’s Ark claims Mohd Rafeek to be an immensely talented artisan with a strong work ethic to match, and watching him work on challenging articles is tremendous. He often rides to the workshop on his motorbike to spend time developing new ideas that could potentially be used as a sample for buyers. Rafeek’s dream is to train younger people who are willing to learn the craftsman skill. Since he is the only earner in the family, he has the responsibility of paying for his sons’ tuition and any other educational expenses. From this experience, he believes that the right to education should be given to all individuals regardless of age, gender, or religion. Thank you Mohd Rafeek for bringing this Haindpainted Citrus Juicer into our lives and letting us join you on your journey!

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